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If you should believe everything they say than "Diamonds are a girls best friend" but really, considering my income doesn't really allow that I happy to go for anothr kind of stone that's easier on the wallet and really just as shinny.

I'm simply mad in love with SWAROVSKI and I'm always stalking their Instagram long before a special ocasion as I need to work on my wishlist on time. SWAROVSKI jewelry is always very ellegant, surely timeless and just like everything worth the investment you need to take good care of it. When I say that I don't mean you should save it for special ocasions but just that you should use it as much as you want to and keep in mind to put it away before you go to sleep.

Of course I also have a couple cheaper items which are trendy and wont be in my collection forever the difference is with items I do want to keep forever I need to spend a little more time on.

Before buying the next item, I carefully research to be sure it's something I'll get a lot of use from. My line of thought is: if it's expensive, I have to take my money's worth out of it! Sometimes I'm searching for an everyday item sometimes for a more "weekend" peace but never a once in a life time story. As I have a bit of a collection now and I want to keep it growing so that's why I feel I can give you some tips on it.

Never shower with your jewelry on!
I don't know how people do it. You can't possibly have a decent shower with jewelry on... Water and transpiration are the biggest enimies to beautiful jewelry. If you want to keep them shinny and cleand that you need to take off your jewelry before shower and before a workout.

Always give them a place to sleep.
Just like your perfume, jewelry is beter kept in the dark. As too much light might change your jewels colour a jewelrybox is the perfect option. If there's something you use very often, it's no problem to keep it on your bedside table.

Cleansing cloth.
You can buy it at every juweler and it wont cost you more than €10,00 euros. It's the best way to clean your jewelry and to give it back that out of the store look.

Extra - Nailpolish
But this isn't a beauty post, Marcia? I hear you thinking. But I just need to give you one more little tip. If you have that beautifil pair of eearing that you love but you skin reacts to it all the time, just put a little transparent nailpolish on the parts that have contact with your skin. This way you create a protection layer and will be able to use your jewelry for longer periods of time.

When you take good care of your belongings, you'll have them forever. Being diamonds or not.


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  1. Ik hoop dat jullie hier wat aan hebben.

  2. Handige tip van de nagellak! Ga ik zeker proberen!