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For me the best part about leaving in The Netherlands is to be able to enjoy the beauty of every different weather. Even though I'm allways longing for the next season to come, I fully realize how important it is to live in the moment. I have to say, however, that my brazilian heart is no prepared for negative degrees and I find extremely difficult to function in this weather. Biking in the snow, cleaning the car every morning... But you know what? There's no time of year I could value more a cup of chai latte. So let's embrace the cold!

chai latte -There's no better reward after a bike ride in the snow than getting home to a warm cup of anything. I tend to choose something more creamy and since I found out you can easily make your own chai latte at home, my life is complete!

funny text mug -  Just the lind of thing that wil make that warm beverage a ted bit more special.

over the knee socks - How did I take so long to get me one of these? I love a dress and this is the best way to keep my feet warm and looking somewhat cute at the same time.

scented candles - Okay, there's no favorite weather for this one but you have to agree that candle light really adds up to the cozy, snugly feel...

rituals body creme - Cold and harsh weather makes for, in my case, very dry skin and a body cream will give me that great soft skin feel.

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