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Since a couple years, the idea of minimalism has been surrouding my mind and the only thing that kept me from diving into it was that minimalism focuses on what you shouldn't do and shouldn't have but I wanted to go touwards the person I want to be, what I should do and choose for.

Reading a book called STUFFOCATION, I finally found an aproach to the idea of minimalism that matches my intention and that is to focus on experiences and not on stuff.

I used to be the person wanting to BUY every beauty product existing on the planet and a couple years ago the fun of it wasn't there anymore. Especially when I would buy all of that stuff and have no chance to use it because many products just don't suit my lifestyle.

Switching the focus and thinking about experiences and not stuff, I made this plan of investing in one beauty tratment every month. Instead of getting that new lipstick and eyeshadow pallet, I decided to put that money into nice experiences I can look forward to.

My goal is as simple as every other month something hair related and every other month a facial of some soort.

I descovered PAYOT still in Brazil but I really didn't find much more about it when I arrive in The Netherlands. After a visit to france, I was reminded how much of a great brand it is so I searched for it around the town and I found out my favourite salon offers most products fromt he line. Today I had my first facial after about 8 years, yes YEARS! It took about 1 hour and 15 minutes and  it was just AMAZING!!! I'll list the products used bellow and am planning on, slowly bu surely, add some PAYOT products to my beauty regimen!

Said all that to say this: I believe experiences really do make me happier that things! I had such a relaxed day after the treatment, I didn't even want to put on make-up the whole day. What are your favourite experiences to invest in?


A prepared woman makes lists, right?... hihi On the 18th of october is my birthday! I can't bealieve I'm turning 34 already!!! To be honnest my life looks a little different than what I expected it to be at almost 35 and believe me, I still haven't figured out the rest of my life yet. What I really found out is that I don't need to. I can just understand stuff as I go and be ok with it.

With time I learned to give more value to people and experiences than things and that's why I never celebrate my birthday with a traditional party anymore. I prefer to have some drinks with good friends and do something nice with the husband. Have been doing it for years and don't see any change coming to this tradition of my own any time soon.

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The coziest time of the year has arrived! Time for hot drinks, apple pie and the nicest blankets. I love the change of weather and enjoy every opportunity to welcome the new season. I'm not quite ready for the tall boots yet, so ankleboots with a dress or skirt paired with a soft jumper will make most of my outfits. Once at home, a worm shower followed by a treat of a body cream and cozy socks will make my night.  I love adding little things to make every season special. What do you do to stay cozy?




Having sensitive skin can be not only a problem but definetly a big limitation as a beauty blogger wanting to try different products with every launch. Knowing that's not a possibility for me, I have to stick to what I know works for my skin.

After a bit of trial and error, I noticed that products with to much active ingredients and a strong artificial scentwill make my skin react. It's a fact. With this important peace of information on hand, I understood I can actually experiment and brouwse about as long as I keep it natural. Can I even say organic?


Dr Organic is a brand I've used before, but I've never ventured into their face products line. Now in search of something new that would not only calming but genuinely effective and not to expensive, I remembered the brand from a while ago and headed to my closest Holland & Barret (used to be De Tuinen) store.

I needed a serum in oil and a simple day cream as my skin tends to react to more complicated products. I choose the Rose Otto Facial Serum and the Organic Morrocan Argan Oil to take home with me and try. The oil I started using right away as I was out of any other facial oils os serums and my skin was feeling reather dry. This Rose Otto oil not only smels amazing but it's actually a mix of a lot of different oils to restore and hydrate the skin. It's really calming as well and I surely needed that!

When searching for a day cream I try to find something full yet not too heavy and the Argain Oil cream is just that. It's an intensive nutritious cream that's quick in absorbing into the skin. I've been using it day and night and my skin is loving it.

With high quality, I was surprised the Dr Organic products aren't the most expensive. The Rose Otto Facial Oil retails for €18,99 euros and the Morrocan Argan Oil day cream for €14,99 euros. They're often on sale and can be ordered online on Holland&Barret. You're welcome.


There's one designer item I've been crazy about for a couple years: the strappy flats. I love my classics and prefer to invest in those with a little twist. First time I saw something like this was the Valentino Rockstuds and I don't know about you, but I hold a normal job with normal income which makes it nearly impossible for me to spend so much money on a pair of shoes. That's why I searched high and low for some kind of substitute and this is what I found.