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There I was taking care of my own life when Roger & Gallet decided to take all my money by lounching their fig scented line a couple years ago. As a lover of fruty scents ( specially Jo Malone Wild fig and cassis) I was very intrigued to try it and was actually surprised by how great and different it smells!

A couple months ago whilst visiting Dusseldorf, in Germany, I came across a couple different places that stocked Roger & Gallet and took my chance as they're difficult to find in The Netherlands. I first decided for the the body lotion because I love using something like this before I go to bed. When you sleep next to someone it's a nice touch to be smelling that good.It's such a different fig scent. It's sweet but not childish, envolving but not overwelming, long lasting on the skin but not annoying at all! And I need to tell you what a perfect moisturizer it is. Normally the scented lotions aren't the best at lendind moisture to your skin but this one really does the job.

It is more of a luxury product at a price point of around €15,00 euros, but you can save it for more special moments and you deffinetly need no perfume when using this.


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