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It seems to be quite a chore to be abble to find the right nude for a darker skintone. It's the most asked question I get from readers. Still, there's an easy way to make almost every nude color suit you if you didn't find your perfect nude yet: the lipliner!

I know it may sound like a very oldfashioned product that your mother would choose in a much darker color than the lipstick but trust me in this, it really works. The idea is not to have a dark line around your mouth but to define it an use de liner for a shadding effect to encounter the lighter lipstick. The best way to use a lipliner for an almost ombré effect is to not only line the lips but also color the mouth almost completly with the liner and the use the lipstick on top. This way you make sure the lighter color doesn't clash with your skintone.

Do you have any tricks to use make-up that wouldn't naturally suit you?


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