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Every now and again there'll be a new launch for a skincare product that promisses everything and more often then not they'll be included in the nevening routine. There had to be a reason to call it a beauty sleep. When searching for a evening serum that would restore my eczema prone skin, I came across the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl's and I was hooked.

To fill you in my skin situation, my skin is normal to drywith the occasional eczema dry patch. Well, it may sound worse than what it really is but the difficult part is to find products that will improve the condition and hydration of my skin without agravating the eczema.

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is an thin almost dry oil texture that I use as a serum under my night moisturizer. It's a 30ml bottle with a dropper which is perfect for not using to much in one go. You only need 3 drops each time which makes for a almost once a year purchase. Believe me, I know. It's also 98% natural and my skin really likes that!

I bought my first bottle on vacation in Belgium and from than I started using it every night. Specially when my skin is agravated this product is my call for help. Just a little in the evening and you'll wake up with calmer, brigther skin. Love this stuff!

Kiehl's counters and store are easy to find and from Feel Unique they'll delivery to your doorstep all over the wordl!


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