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A couple days ago I had to pop inside the drugstore as I ws almost running out of my Curl La La and there's always when the perusing begins. What's new? What's nice? As I've told be before, I can spend a whole day brouwsing around at the drugstore.

I got my hair productI and than offcourse I had to check the new products. At the drugstore they had a 2 for 1 offer going on with the Maybelline products and as I wanted to try the Colordrama range for a while, I decided to take this two standard try-out color with me: a nude and a burgundy.

I told you on instagram (@marcia_vd_werf) that I was looking for a substitute for my Bobbi Brown discontinued lipstick and well, this it it! This nude shade called Nude Perfection is the ideal shade of nude but not dead lips for a darker complexion.

When I got home from the drugstore i poped the burgundy shade Berry Much on my lips. Gorgeous deep red shade and quite matt. I knew al of that already but what I didn't know was about the staining power of this. Even efter dinner the color was stil untouched on my lips. No transfer, no dry lips...nothing. I really don't mind reapplying lipstick but if you are one that hate to do the job, this is deffinetly the lipstick for you.

Finally it was time to remove it and then i thought it'd be a pain to take off and how many cotton rounds I'd probabbly need and...no... Just one swipe of the Garnier Cleansing Water and it was gonne. I'm telling you, this is love!

Are you a loglasting lippies lover or more of a lipgloss wearer?


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