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Differently to what people may think, my hair is actually thinner and weaker than straight naturallu straight hair would be. My hair will also loose it shape very easyly so I have to give it a little bit of love on a daily basis for it to look somewhat healthy. Today I'm going to tell you about my haircare routine and the product I've been using for about one year now.

The Body Shop Ginger shampoo - With a sensitive scalp like mine, I have tryied different mild shampoos and this Body Shop one is the only one that doesn't agravate my skin. It's accutally recomended as an anti- dandruff product and it makes my scalp clean leavind it very fresh feeling behind.

Macadamia hair mask - This is by far the brightest star on my haircare regimen! I first started using this mask when my hair was really in need of some tlc and it completly tranformed my hair condition back to healthy and thicker structure. The Macadamia mask is formulated with a blend of seed oils as macadamia oil and argan oil. It is a thicker mask, wich I love because I don't need to use to much and for a more expensive product it's really nice that it lasts a little longer.
Aunt Jackies Curl la la - One thing I need to say about this is how happy I am I can find it at the drugstore! However, It's often sold out at the Kruidvat so whenever I find it, I always take 2 jars home. Beforehand, i had to order it online or travel for 1 hour with the train to be abble to get it. But than you understand that if I'm prepared to do so much to get to a product, I must probably love it a lot...and I do! It has a pudding texture and is great at giving second en even third day hair. It comes in a big jar and it hydrates the hair perfectly!

Gliss kur of Alterna Kendi Oil spray- This is my daily life saver. My hair is naturally so dry that I need a product that I can use everyday that wont desturb the curl but will keep the moisture in and the freeze out. With a oil spray, I can touch up throughout the day and lend my hair a bit more shine when needed. The Alterna Kendi Oil spray is out of this world perfect! After using it for just a week I noticed my hair was more "calm" and felt really soft. My drugstore alternative is the Gliss Kur oil spray that does the same kind of job but doesn't breack the bank.

What are your favorite hair products for your hair type?


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