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There's been a craze in the beauty industry, the latest years, for all the different kinds of oils. Hair oil
, face oil, body oil, dry oil, all in one oil... you name it! They started as an esquisite, more expensive product and now every brand that wants to be on top of the game, will invest in a good old oil.

The Body Shop is a brand that doesn't dessapoint me. If there's innovation in the branch, as soon as they have their product formulation right, it will come out and with face oils it couldn't be different. I have used a couple bottles of their Vitamin E oil as a night serum and I loved it! Now they came out with a very exciting range called Oils Of Life infused with seed oils that are cold pressed to preserve the most potent properties to revive the skin reducing the appearence of aging signs. With an essence, an oil and two different face creams, I knew it would be good.

Wherever I want to try new products, I prefer to replace them gradually so I can pinpoint what's working on my skin or maybe giving any kind of bad reaction. As my night oil finished just in time for the launch of the Oils Of Life range, I went in last week to pick up a bottle of the facial oil

The Intensive Revitalizing Facial Oil comes in a 30 ml luxurious glass bottle with a dropper as most of the other oils I've tryed. What I found different about this one is that as much as it feels a little thicker than what I'm used to, it sinks into the skin so quickly! I only need two drops for my whole face and neck. After a little massage - you've gotta do the massage - I apply my usual night cream on top of it and a couple minutes later it feels soft, very soft. Not tacky, or like the products aren't being absorbd. It's all gone before I go to bed.

The Body Shop store are spread all over the country (also here in The Netherlands) so pop in for to try the products. Normally if you have oilier skin you'll want to run away from facial oils but you should try it in the evening instead of your night cream. At least in the winter. Your skin will love it!


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