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I couldn't possibly tell you how many top coats I have tried. Different brand, diffrent promisses
and still would the nail polish quickly be shineless and chipping. Since a couple years, the gel-like polishes and finishes have invaded the marked and from that bunch the Essie Gel Setter is surprinsinly enough the first one I've tried.

There are other gel-like finishes in the market but the Essie gel effect top coat is one you can use over any other polish you own. You don't need to combine it with a Essie polish, but you can use it over that think looking polish to give it more body and of course a long lasting effect.

First time using it, I paired with my Chanel April polish which is my favorite shade ever, but it could never go for 2 days without chipping. With the Essie Gel Setter I got a 4 day chip free polish and that's a miracle for me.

In The Netherlands you can get your Essie gel top coat from the Etos and from different online shops so I'll leave the links so you could order it online.


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