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There's always something to love and something to hate about the change of weather. The long days
in the backyard are gonne as we much prefer staying in, sipping hot drinks and lighting candles. However it feels to say goodbye to the past season, I love welcoming a new one specially focussing on all the goodness that comes with it and off course the make-up and outfits I get to wear. Here are a couple items I've been wishing for.

Valentino Donna - A new scent! I love using a particular scent to bring me back to a certain time in  my life and I could really do a different scent every season. The new Donna is a very elegant number in scent and bottle. Bergamot gives a fresh opening, bulgarian rose for some sexyness and patchouli. I can't even tell you how much I love everything that has patchouli in it. Sold!

Diva Lipstick - A whole lot of burgundy shades come around every autumn so what's so special about this one? I don't really know. It's the perfect - for darker skin - shade of red/purple that doesn't turn out to be too vampy. It's just great! And come on, who am I kidding? It's called DIVA!

Bobbi Brown Eye and Cheek palette - Bobbi Brown is known for beaing not too complicated about make-up. 5 minute faces, make-up in a cab but oh the limited edition pallete's. Those people always know how to make us curious and longing for more. This Christmas they'll have a couple different palette's but as a purple lover, the shades in this palette will be very well and often used. Also two blushes and the darker shades as eyeliner making it a perfect travel companion.

Topshop Boots - This boots... Oh my world, I loved them the first time I saw them! They're suede, burgundy, ankle boots. They-re just perfect for fall! It's a pretty high heel so I have no idea of how confortable it is. They're also available in black, but really, I don't need another pair of black shoes or do I?

Suede Skirt -Have you also seen this everywhere? Wow, it's such a hit! But it had to grow on me. I saw it over the summer, specially the denim number, and it didn't really strike my fancy. All of a sudden the suede one comes around and I'm in love! Suede skirt, black stockings, chuncky jumper, hot drinks...A girl can dream, right?

Mango Cape - I saw them around last year already but didn't take the leap. It goes so well over a leather jacket, a blazer or even a denim jacket. As I have none cape-like items in my wardrobe yet, I should go for a more basic colour so it will work the best together with my ohter items.


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