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Being a beauty addict, I'm very particular on how I like some products and body scrub is definetly the
one I'm most picky about. If you've ever used a scrub on your skin - face or body - you'll know the feeling of baby-soft-skin like never before. You might be thinking that every scrub does it as they all fisically remove the dead skin cells giving that super clean and unrealistic soft feel.

Still, when thinking about body scrub I like it to be nice and grainy so none of that jelly consistency for me. It needs to leave a layer of oil behind after the shower (or bath) for the best moisturizing effect. As a 1,78m woman, I refuse to buy anything smaller than 250gr as I don't feel like getting a new jar every twoo weeks.

The Rituals Himalaya Body Scrub ticks all of those boxes in it's 450gr jar and it smells amaizing too! For this one they've added sea salt for driving all toxines away, the gorgeous scent of indian rose and sweet almond oil will keep skin softer for longer. It's perfect for using just before a hot bath or shower and very relaxing to smell all of that goodness reaching the nose under the as the steam goes up. After the scrub section I'll always indulge in the luxury Jo Malone body cream or for a more affordable option the Body Shop Body Butter to make my skin feel even softer and smell even nicer...Oh, I love a pamper!

The Rituals products can be found all over the world and you can search for adresses hier.


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