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At this time of year when clocks, go back, I hear a lot of people complaning about that it gets dark so eraly and how much they hate all this. But I am one to actually enjoy the darker and colder days and I'll tell you why.

softer feet - Is the best time of the year to restore that dryed out even sometimes cracked heals. Feet will be hiding in socks whilst being protected from the cold and dry weather. I love using my gel socks about once a week to keep my feet soft and moisturized. A little exfoliation in the shower, a bit of a foot cream and into the socks my feet go for 10 to 15 minutes. Your feet will thank you. You're welcome.

candles - I am definetly one to light scented candles the whole year 'round but in autumn/winter they'll not only give me a great scent but also make every room of the house feel that much more cozy. Jo Malone candles are my guilty plesure! As I can light them in the living room and smell it all through the house, I really think they'r worth the investment.

gloves - Not a luxury but a necessity. However, I came to realize that a good pair of leather gloves are a great investment maybe for life. Somewhere inside me there's this minimalist that believes in investing on that special item that I'll have for the rest of my life. I've had my leather gloves for about 5 years and they're still going strong. Also a great thing after using hand dream. Soft hands to the win!

knee-high boots - A couple years ago the knee-highs were already on trend but I just didn't think it'd look good on me. Fast forward 2015 and all I want to make my outfit compleet is a pair of very high boots. Can you imagine to be able to wear my favorite shorter dresses in the cold and not feel cold? That's the best of both worlds right there.

long relaxing baths/showers - If there's one thing that I'd love to have in my bathroom that would for sure be a bathtub. The evening I'd spend endulging in a hot bath agh... I can only imagine! In the meantime, I just use my shower for the same purpose. I love takinf a hot shower before going to bed. Sometimes with a longer pamper routine, sometimes with just a body oil at the end. However you may be abble to do it, use the longer evening to relax

hot beverages - Ah, from simple old tea to my favorite Chai Latte. When I lived in Brazil, I didn't have many opportunities to enjoy a hot drink. When it's 40 degrees outside that's not what you long for. Living in a country that's so far from your own and with a lot of different customes can make you feel like an outsider but this is just my way of embracing the weather. I even have my own personal at home Chai Latte that I get every couple months to reward myself after a tipycal dutch bike ride.

Do you have any autumn/winter favourites? What are they?


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