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Whenever I pop inside a Victoria's Secret Store I imediatly fly into the beauty section. But really, how can I help it? So many different scents that are complineted by a vast line of body products. All to make sure you'll smell gorgeous the whole day... and night!

Last time I was in Amsterdam I went to check out the new store in that opend in Amsterdam Central Station where they have a very nice  and new shopping area. Before going, I did my research on the site and after having a snif here and there, I decided to take the Victoria's Secret Night body mist home with me.

At first, still at the store, I was a bit shocked at the higher price of €28,- euros as the other mists I bought before tend to be priced at about €15,-. Still I was intrigued if this one was that good and now I can tell you it is.

Different to the Fantasy line by VS, the Night body mist is a part of the fragrance line by the same name. It's a floriental fragrance, as they like to call it. You should sense black plum, velvet woods and luscious apple in it. It's funny how it kind of reminds me of a fruitier version of Chanel's Chance EDP and all for a fraction of the price and a much greater amount of liquid.

In the Netherlands you can buy you Victoria's Secret Beauty goodies at the Amsterdam Central Station, at Schiphol airport and the most popular lines will be available from Etos, Kruidvat or even Bol.com.

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