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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jo Malone is one of my favorite brands in general and here is why: They care for al the details of luxury scent making, packing and gifting and can never resist a visit and this are my favorites.

Just the fact that their fragrances are meant to be mixed and customized to everyone's liking is amazing to me. Can you imagine to be able to "create" your own personal scent by mixing perfume or layering shower gels with body lotions. It's just genius!

I had the pleasure the discover the brand in London about 5 or more years ago. Now they're available here in the Netherland's and even my brazilian friends will have the opportunity to try the products.

As you can see, I have a couple different products from the brand but my favorites are the colognes and the candles. I really, really love the candles! They are quite pricey but they burn down perfectly (pet peave) and evenly, they scent a whole downstairs in a couple minutes what completely makes up for the high price point as you will just need to light it for a little while this way it'll last longer.

Often with scented body products, I'll notice the not that great quality and that's no the case at all with Jo Malone. The best body cream in the world!!!!! Whenever I have the chance to spoil myself to a more expensive product, I tend to choose for something from the line that will last longer so when getting cosy with the idea of Jo Malone, go for the custom-ready colognes, the candles (!!!) or even the body cream.

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