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 There's always that time of the week when we have to go to the supermarket and figure out what we'll be eating for the week. I even know people that go everyday (!) to the store for fresher ingredients. We only go once a week and pretty much know what we'll be eating all week and here I'll tell you how we plan our meals.

I have a little confession to make: as much as I enjoy cooking, I simply hate having to go to the store. Mr Bespoke doesn't have a problem with going to the supermarket but doesn't like cooking so this is how we share the task of meal planning. i plan what we'll eat, he does groceries, I cook equals everybody happy.

First I plan out what are the actual meals we have in a day, than I decide on what are the options I want to have for each meal. It doesn't only make easier to shop but also to make healthier choices as you plan ahead. it's also the best opportunity I have to try recipes from those books you'll otherwise only use for Christmas dinner preps.

When It comes to preparing the meals, different to what some people may do, I don't see myself spending the day in the kitchen preparing countless meals for the whole week. Sorry, that's not me. Also, I don't plan when we'll be eating what, I just make sure I have everything in the house so I can see what I feel like that day and prepare just that. Often with dinner, I tend to make a little more than we actually need so I have a little left over (that goes in the freezer) for some other evening that week. That makes for a perfect way to have ready- to-eat-self-made-microave-meals that are healthier than any pizza or take-out would ever be.

The decision of separating a moment a week to plan the meals came from the need of making healthier choices and still be able try different recipes. I have so many cookbooks (my most used being Good Food, Nigela's Kitchen and this little IKEA cookbook) and they weren't being used to their full potential. I'm also happy to report that we never throuw away food anymore and also spend less money every week at the supermarket.

I hope this post was helpfull to you!

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