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I wish I could have made a picture for you with this products outsite, in the sun, under a palm tree  or surrounded by some delish summer cokctails, but who am I kidding? I live in rainy Holland and summer weather isn't really accountable around here.

Searching for a ray of sun in every possible way, I needed to try this Piñita Colada Limited edition collection by The Body Shop. Being a true brazilian, I love my fruits! Still, I normally run from the typical coconut scented products as it often smells quite fake to me. With the Mix of coconut, passion fruit and pinapple, the Piñita Colada collection transported me right to my beloved beach vacations in and around Rio de Janeiro.

The Body Shop have been changing they're packaging and you'll probably agree with me that it looks much more thought about. I love the sleek bottles as their now mixed with black. I really didn't need every product from the collection - I surelly wanted them all - so I decided to get those which will work as a replacement very soon. 

The showergel is more like a gelly and the newer packaging is much easyer to open. The smell lingers in the bathroom for a complete vacation feel. If, like me, you're a fan of the cult fave body butter, this one doesn't dissapoint in hydration. Just as perfect as the other butters from the brand only with the added value of vacation in a jar.

The Piñita Colada collection wont be available for long, so make sure to have a snif as soon as you can!

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