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If you know me personally or follow me for a while on social media, you've probably noticed my weakness for high-end goods. But how do I get the money to pay for all of this? Have you heard of the method "Leaving with about 70% of your means" ?

This method consists in not only making sure you can pay your bills but actually fitting your bills and essentials in 70% of your income, so that you can save for different plans in the near and far future and still can enjoy life guilt free. I learnt it from Jeff Letz and we've been doing it as a couple for about 3 years now and we've never have finacial difficulties ever since.

Every month I use different accounts to separate the money: 70% goes towards bills and I make sure that one dinner date a month or gifts I have to buy fit into this 70%. Everything that's not luxury goes into this part even clothing and beauty in the sense that if it can be bought at the drugstore it should fit into this bellow your means part. If I'm just lusting for a new face mask that costs a little more, than I have to use my personal savings for it.

Within the other 30% I have savings accounts for different plans. For a new car in the further future, for a new handbag in the near future. The saving time also gives me the space to think longer about my more expensive purchases. It's nice to see that I still own my first investment pieces.

As a christian, I believe in returning 10% of my income to the Lord through my local church and I believe this is the most essential part to all of this. That's the money I separate first, before I do anything else with the rest. I believe this part takes care of the blessings for the other 90%.

I hope this post helps you to be wiser with your finances in any way. Please let me know if you have any other methods for saving and spending.

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