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Yesterday on a great day out with an old friend, she told me she needed a make-up remover and when I thought about I've using to remove my make-up for the latest times I realized I haven't told any of you more details about my new Garnier Micelair 2 fase water. Budget product  allert coming your way.

Being a make-up lover, I normally don't go a whole day without it. For me it feels like my preparation for the day is never complete without my face painting rituals. That being said, the end of the day always comes and as much as I love my skincare, I'm never too excited for the actual make-up removing bit. My skin can be quite sensitive and most products that aks for a cotton pad tend to cause irritation.

I've used different micellar waters before like the infamous Bioderma and the Nivea one. The first is not easy to find in Holland and de second irritates my eczema-prone skin. I even tried the first Garnier Micellar Water which I quite liked but when I went for a second round, I found they'd brought out a new version of it: The 2 fase Micellar Water.

Even though my skin can be a little oily in the summer, it tends to love oil based products.  I knew I needed to get this new cleansing water and that it would probably work well with my skin.

First of all it removes all of my make-up in one go! Two cotton pads on each side and two different ones for eacht eye. Yes, it removes eye make-up too - also waterproof. Because of the oil, there's no need for much rubbing. It lives my skin very soft with a very very very thin layer of oil. That's when I go ahead and wash my face to go further with the whole cleansing process.

If you're a make-up remover + day cream kind of gal, you'll probably love it. If you have dry, sensitive skin you're gonna want to marry it!!!

The two fase Garnier Micellar Water is available at drugstores (now on sale at kruidvat) and retails for €6,50 for a 400ml botle.

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