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With the Brexit situation thing going on last week - and still now - I had a moment of pannick thinking what would happen with my favorite webshops. Would they still be shipping wordlwide and specially for free? As we're leaving on vacation in a couple weeks (my latest excuse for any kind of purchase) I touhg it'd be a good idea to order a couple things I wanted to try for awhile and bring the vacation feel very very near. Be prepared for an overload of oils!

I love anything with a fig scent, however it can be treacky to find a true, juicy fig scented product. They're often very coconuty and that's not what I go for when I search for figs. Roger & Gallet hit the nail in the head with they're Fleur de Figuier line! It's amayzing how they could translate summer figs so perfectly. I've used the body lotion form this line before and already loved it! For summer i though a dry oil would be perfect and honestly, this could ne finished before I leave in two weeks.

Having my hair unprocessed for a whole year made me have the chance to take better care of it and invest in great products to do so. The Philip Kingsley Easticizer Extreme is been in my mind for ages a I heard everyone and they're mother talk wonders about it. It's a hair mask but really one to be used before shampooing. I'm curious about this ine and Look Fantastic had a 75ml size wich is perfect for a trial as this is certainly not a cheap product.

Kerastase is one of my favorite hair products. They always come out with new products and improvements of old favorites too. As they launched this new  Oleo-Curl line I saw they had a leave-in product in it and having natural baclhair that feels very dry at the moment, I tought this could give me a bit of the lost moisture back.

I won't even try to tell you a needed a nail polish as that's really not the case. I did, however, want to have a more bright summer color polish as I used to have just this shade from Dior and it dryed out on me. Essie Peach Daiquiri is a summery, happy color. The perfect shade for shorter nails in my humble opinion.

The Aveda Dry Remedy moisturizing hair oil is simply said THE BOMB! I discovered it when it came out a couple years ago and fell head over heel in love with it. It's so liquidy you don't really think it'll do anything but because of the liquid structure, it's the only "oil" I've used to date that really penetrates my hair. This is love!

Finishinh my shopping basket I noticed some little item I didn't put in there myself and it was a fullsize Mio The Activist firming body oil. I heard of the brand before but never came acroos trying it and being a body product addict. this will come to good use.

I love online brouwsing, the ocasional shopping and when it comes to Look Fantastic, it's always great products and quik delivery. The perfect combination if you aks me.


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